Whether with a camera or colored pencils, the visual arts have always been part of Claudio’s life. He would design posters for friend’s garage bands and take the pictures to use in them. 

From the photography studio to the Creative Director’s desk he did it all for 12 years he worked for the biggest agencies in the world like Leo Burnett, Y&R, Lowe, EURO RSCG and BBH for clients such as Coca-Cola, Hertz, Dodge, Kellogg’s, Procter and Gamble and Marlboro.

He always kept his camera nearby, as he experimented on his own with fine art and digital photography. “I loved Design and Advertising, but I felt that photography had been in my heart for a long time and I wanted to see what I can make out of that.

In 2010 he moved with the family close to his major client Caesars Entertainment in Vegas. This changed his vision and added one more layer to his already multicultural background. “ I have to adapt my work to the city lifestyle but now I feel like the clients trust my aesthetic judgment much more. I work with total freedom most of the time, but I know I earn their trust”

Back then Caesars Entertainment Executive Creative Director hired him to work in the launch of the famous NY restaurant Old Homestead in Las Vegas. He saw his understanding of the company’s need and the design background helped to make the fusion even more interesting. “Is good when a photographer understands design and it’s process, it makes things easier and more efficient to relate because everybody is speaking the same language”

His work for Caesars and other gaming companies grew a lot in the last few years and now covers most of the commercial photography spectrum (food, architecture and lifestyle).

Says Rangel, “Working with agencies and design studios allows me to dip my foot back into the world I know so well. The fact that I understand their business probably makes the process a lot easier for them, too."

"Design is where I developed my visual acumen, initially as a result, I apply the design profession clarity of message and meaning and immediate sense of composition, beauty and elegance to all of my photography.”

Claudio’s work also wins awards. Among them, Addy’s, CCSP, and The academic Cross of the State of São Paulo in Brazil.